The Comic Book Film Revue
Tenth Episode! Avengers: Age of Ultron Review!

The summer movie (and review) season is in full swing with the coming of Avengers: Age of Ultron! Stella leads the charge as she and the guys talk crowded casts, surprising plot twists, favorite moments, comparisons to the comics, and hopes for the future! Bringing you the best in comic book movie analysis, this is one you cannot miss!

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Episode 9: Daredevil Revue

Fresh off the release of the Netflix Marvel series, The gang tackle the much maligned 2003 Daredevil film starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. A favorite character amongst some of the panel, how does this initial shot succeed or fail in bringing the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to life? Was the casting the downfall of the film? Does the Director's Cut salvage the movie, and if so how? Which black actor is the best Kingpin? Can the gang keep from making constant comparisons to the Netflix show? And how much does the ever-present soundtrack help or hinder the film? All this and more await you, so leap off of a church rooftop and dive in!

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Episode 8: Kingsman-The Secret Service

Join the gang this month for an undercover mission reviewing a film from the mind of Mark Millar! Kingsman: The Secret Service is another in the Millar/Matthew Vaughn canon, so how does it compare with what the gang of Chris, Stella, Josh and Don are familiar with? Is the film a fun romp or a ridiculous cartoon? Do scenes of violent murders in a church and heads of government officials popping off justify themselves with genuine thrills? Which of the panelists failed to recognize one of his own childhood icons? All this and more will be answered by undertaking the mission of downloading, should you choose to accept it!

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Episode 7: Dick Tracy Review

The panel has their most combative discussion yet as line are drawn and sides are taken for and against the 1990 Warren Beatty labor of love Dick Tracy! Is this a charming movie or a piece of utter filth? Does the acting make up for the characters, or does everyone involved embarass themselves severely? How faithful is the movie to the source material? Is the source material even worth adapting? Can the hosts survive without killing each other? The only way to find out is to download, so get to it!

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Episode 6: Catwoman Review

Crazy Chris leads the charge for a group drubbing of 2004's "Catwoman" starring Halle Berry. The gang can nary say a positive thing about this particular film, but they're not frothing at the mouth with rage as one might expect! Listen to more tales from the past as one panelist describes bringing a date to the film, another sees how many cat-puns he can fit in a sentence, and another stops the show dead to count how many times Benjamin Bratt has played a cop! Will this be the most vilified film the Revue gang has encountered yet? Download to find out!

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Episode 5: The Punisher (2004) Review

THIS EPISODE HAS IT ALL! Reviewing "The Punisher" starring Thomas Jane, the gang of Stella, Chris, Josh and Don run the gamut of things to bring up, debate, discuss, agree and disagree on, all while going back ten years to talk about this seemingly forgotten Marvel movie! Topics range from the differences between the Punisher comics and the film, the origins of black t-shirts, namechecking X-Men actors, who took which family memeber to see the film in theaters and more! Stay tuned at the end to hear what'll be covered next time, and enjoy the Punisher Revue!

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November's episode is delayed until early December!

You know how it is. Life happens. The holidays and work has unfortunately delayed the November episode covering the 2004 Punisher movie, but not forever! We're scheduled to try getting it out by the first week of December, so stayed tuned!

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The 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

BOACIOUS! BOSSANOVA! GNARLY! Travel back 24 years to when the panel was young, and so was the Ninja Turtles popularity! This month sees the hosts struggle to put aside their childhood nostalgia and determine if the original TMNT movie holds up after all this time. Which of the gang sees the film in a positive light and which sees it in a negative light? Does the plot make any sense? Should it matter? Is the 2014 movie better, or is there no school like the old school? Catch a half-shell (whatever that means) and get to downloading!

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