The Comic Book Film Revue

The culmination of the DC Extended Universe has arrived, and the CBFR gang is here to give their thoughts! Justice League will go down as one of the more notorious film productions in comic book movie history, with it's myriad of behind-the-scenes issues leading up to its release, so how did that affect the viewing experiences of our hosts? Does the film have coherent continuity from its previous series entry? What did the guys think about newcomers Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg? How similar is this movie to The Avengers? Is this the final curtain for Batffleck, and if so what's everyone's say on him? Does this give DC a strong foot forward into the future? All this plus timeline theories, suggestions for different villains to use, and a breakdown of the differences between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's versions of the film!

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