The Comic Book Film Revue
X-Men Review

In a world of prejudice and uncertainty, you have to be careful who to trust the Comic Book Film Revue! Join Don as he leads the trio of himself, Chris and Stella on a journey back in time to the year 2000 where superhero films were on the verge of a renaissance and the X-Men franchise was only just beginning! Reviewing the first of a long-running series, how does the original hold up today? Who was the actor originally cast to play Wolverine? Do dated effects make or break a viewing experience? Which character is best cast and worst cast? Is Don the only man on the planet who actually likes Cyclops? All this plus recollections of the various X-Men video games and comic book storylines in what may prove to be the geekiest episode of CBFR to date! Hop into the X-Jet and get to downloading!

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