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The culmination of the DC Extended Universe has arrived, and the CBFR gang is here to give their thoughts! Justice League will go down as one of the more notorious film productions in comic book movie history, with it's myriad of behind-the-scenes issues leading up to its release, so how did that affect the viewing experiences of our hosts? Does the film have coherent continuity from its previous series entry? What did the guys think about newcomers Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg? How similar is this movie to The Avengers? Is this the final curtain for Batffleck, and if so what's everyone's say on him? Does this give DC a strong foot forward into the future? All this plus timeline theories, suggestions for different villains to use, and a breakdown of the differences between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's versions of the film!

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The Kingsmen are back, and Don and Josh duke it out in discussing the sequel's flaws and virtues. Does the wiping out of the previous film's character add to the film or detract from it? What do the guys make of the Statesmen? How screwed up is the American government (in this film)? All this plus more comparisons to James Bond, tangents galore, and a special announcement regarding the future of the podcast. Lasso up and get to downloading!

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A stop-gap between regular episodes, Donovan invites writer Noah Berlatsky onto the podcast to discuss Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. The two men go over the historical accuracy of the film, how it achieved the spirit of the Marston Wonder Woman comics, the queer themes of the story, The weirdness and racism of the original comics, and whether or not this film serves as a companion piece to the DCEU Wonder Woman movie earlier in the year. This is a very special, one of a kind episode, so take your seat in the classroom and get to downloading! 

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For the first time ever, the gang is left completely befuddled by the film of the month! Atomic Blonde, the film adaptation of the Oni Press Graphic Novel The Coldest City, sees Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent investigating Berlin during the eve of the Berlin Wall falling. That's about as much as the guys can ascertain, as questions of loyalty, character motivation and the meaning of certain twists make their heads spin. Think you can clear the air of misunderstanding? Download to find out, then email in at!

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After years of watching and discussing plenty of uncharted territory, the guys roll up their sleeves and dive into the once character that they definitively claim to be experts on: Spider-Man! The Web-Slinger's first true return to Marvel in its Cinematic Universe is under the microscope as Don, Bertone and Crazy Chris put on their fanboy hats and talk about their likes and dislikes about this special film. Through the episode the guys brag about how much Spider-Man they've read, compare Tom Holland to his predecessors, weight the pros and cons of the supporting cast, spot references to other Spidey moments from the comics, and debate the presence of Tony Stark in the film. Is this the best Spider-Man film to date or the worst? Must it be either/or? Refill your web-shooter and get to downloading!

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Strap in and prepare for Warp Drive as the guys discuss the sequel to their second episode. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 gets discussed by everyone who enjoyed it, and Donovan! He, Chris and Josh talk about their ignorance of the source material, how the sequel compares to the first film, favorite lines and moments and the film's irreverent tone! Did new characters Ego and Mantis stand up against the return of fan favorites Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Yondu and (Baby) Groot? Download to find out!

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What constitutes a classic? How do you view things through the perspective of shifts in time? Do people give passes on a film unjustifiably because of its legacy? That's what's at stake here in this title match of an episode, as its Crazy Chris vs. Donovan Grant in the case for Superman: The Movie! Is the film a truly great movie that survives the test of time, or does it fail badly? Are the gender politics and racial representations forgivable for its time? Does the wonky science actually make sense? And what of the lauded portrayals of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor? All this and more in a NO-HOLDS-BARRED comic book movie debate that can destroy all of fandom as we know it! Find a phone booth and take to the skies, and get to downloading!

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What defines a superhero film? Do the constraints of the Comic Book Movie genre inhibit great storytelling? That's one of the queries that challenges the gang as Stella leads the charge into discussing the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan. Is this the best X-film/Wolverine film? Does its bleak tone work against it? How does the timeline match up with the other movies? Stay until the end for a special announcement, and write in feedback at!

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Episode 28: Scott Pilgrm Vs. the World

Don brings to the table a notable entry in the history of comic book film adaptations: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Originally meant to be reviewed back in 2014, what does he and Chris think of it now? How does Stella take to the film's video game aesthetics having not read the source material? Are the characters likeable, and if not do the performances make them more palatable? To find out, get to downloading!

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Episode 27: The Phantom Review

Stella, Chris and Don join their magic skulls together and rap about the 1996 Billy Zane bonanza The Phantom! One of comic's oldest icons, how does the Ghost Who Walks fare in mid-90s comic movie translation? What sets this film apart from other pulp adaptations at the time it was released? What psychological trauma did Chris and Stella suffer at the hands of this movie? How many other works of the actors' can the gang list, and how many has Don not seen? All this plus slam poetry, callbacks to previous episodes and swooning over both the hero and villain!

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