The Comic Book Film Revue

The Kingsmen are back, and Don and Josh duke it out in discussing the sequel's flaws and virtues. Does the wiping out of the previous film's character add to the film or detract from it? What do the guys make of the Statesmen? How screwed up is the American government (in this film)? All this plus more comparisons to James Bond, tangents galore, and a special announcement regarding the future of the podcast. Lasso up and get to downloading!

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A stop-gap between regular episodes, Donovan invites writer Noah Berlatsky onto the podcast to discuss Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. The two men go over the historical accuracy of the film, how it achieved the spirit of the Marston Wonder Woman comics, the queer themes of the story, The weirdness and racism of the original comics, and whether or not this film serves as a companion piece to the DCEU Wonder Woman movie earlier in the year. This is a very special, one of a kind episode, so take your seat in the classroom and get to downloading! 

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