The Comic Book Film Revue (podcast)

In this podcast special, an episode from Questions: We Don't Have Answers is shared for the sake of a review of Birds of Prey (The Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn)! Join Don, Stella, Harrison Chute and Professor Carolyn Cocca as they discuss the modern era of women in the action genre, depictions of various characters, and where we go from here!

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A cultural event fifty-two years in the making, Black Panther wowed audiences and shattered box office records in its opening President's Day weekend. What do the guys think about it? Well this time it's not just the guys, as newcomer Jan gives her voice to topics included in the film's discussion such as the many powerful black female characters, the honor of Incumbent King T'Challa, the antics of Andy Serkis' Klaw and Martin Freeman's Everett K. Ross, and the unassailable motivations of Killmonger. Did Marvel Studios first all-black film meet expectations? Find out how they surpassed them by downloading!

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The culmination of the DC Extended Universe has arrived, and the CBFR gang is here to give their thoughts! Justice League will go down as one of the more notorious film productions in comic book movie history, with it's myriad of behind-the-scenes issues leading up to its release, so how did that affect the viewing experiences of our hosts? Does the film have coherent continuity from its previous series entry? What did the guys think about newcomers Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg? How similar is this movie to The Avengers? Is this the final curtain for Batffleck, and if so what's everyone's say on him? Does this give DC a strong foot forward into the future? All this plus timeline theories, suggestions for different villains to use, and a breakdown of the differences between Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's versions of the film!

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The Kingsmen are back, and Don and Josh duke it out in discussing the sequel's flaws and virtues. Does the wiping out of the previous film's character add to the film or detract from it? What do the guys make of the Statesmen? How screwed up is the American government (in this film)? All this plus more comparisons to James Bond, tangents galore, and a special announcement regarding the future of the podcast. Lasso up and get to downloading!

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A stop-gap between regular episodes, Donovan invites writer Noah Berlatsky onto the podcast to discuss Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. The two men go over the historical accuracy of the film, how it achieved the spirit of the Marston Wonder Woman comics, the queer themes of the story, The weirdness and racism of the original comics, and whether or not this film serves as a companion piece to the DCEU Wonder Woman movie earlier in the year. This is a very special, one of a kind episode, so take your seat in the classroom and get to downloading! 

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For the first time ever, the gang is left completely befuddled by the film of the month! Atomic Blonde, the film adaptation of the Oni Press Graphic Novel The Coldest City, sees Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent investigating Berlin during the eve of the Berlin Wall falling. That's about as much as the guys can ascertain, as questions of loyalty, character motivation and the meaning of certain twists make their heads spin. Think you can clear the air of misunderstanding? Download to find out, then email in at!

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After years of watching and discussing plenty of uncharted territory, the guys roll up their sleeves and dive into the once character that they definitively claim to be experts on: Spider-Man! The Web-Slinger's first true return to Marvel in its Cinematic Universe is under the microscope as Don, Bertone and Crazy Chris put on their fanboy hats and talk about their likes and dislikes about this special film. Through the episode the guys brag about how much Spider-Man they've read, compare Tom Holland to his predecessors, weight the pros and cons of the supporting cast, spot references to other Spidey moments from the comics, and debate the presence of Tony Stark in the film. Is this the best Spider-Man film to date or the worst? Must it be either/or? Refill your web-shooter and get to downloading!

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What constitutes a classic? How do you view things through the perspective of shifts in time? Do people give passes on a film unjustifiably because of its legacy? That's what's at stake here in this title match of an episode, as its Crazy Chris vs. Donovan Grant in the case for Superman: The Movie! Is the film a truly great movie that survives the test of time, or does it fail badly? Are the gender politics and racial representations forgivable for its time? Does the wonky science actually make sense? And what of the lauded portrayals of Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor? All this and more in a NO-HOLDS-BARRED comic book movie debate that can destroy all of fandom as we know it! Find a phone booth and take to the skies, and get to downloading!

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What defines a superhero film? Do the constraints of the Comic Book Movie genre inhibit great storytelling? That's one of the queries that challenges the gang as Stella leads the charge into discussing the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan. Is this the best X-film/Wolverine film? Does its bleak tone work against it? How does the timeline match up with the other movies? Stay until the end for a special announcement, and write in feedback at!

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Episode 28: Scott Pilgrm Vs. the World

Don brings to the table a notable entry in the history of comic book film adaptations: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Originally meant to be reviewed back in 2014, what does he and Chris think of it now? How does Stella take to the film's video game aesthetics having not read the source material? Are the characters likeable, and if not do the performances make them more palatable? To find out, get to downloading!

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Episode 27: The Phantom Review

Stella, Chris and Don join their magic skulls together and rap about the 1996 Billy Zane bonanza The Phantom! One of comic's oldest icons, how does the Ghost Who Walks fare in mid-90s comic movie translation? What sets this film apart from other pulp adaptations at the time it was released? What psychological trauma did Chris and Stella suffer at the hands of this movie? How many other works of the actors' can the gang list, and how many has Don not seen? All this plus slam poetry, callbacks to previous episodes and swooning over both the hero and villain!

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Episode 26: Doctor Strange

Don your floating cape and dive into a world of unimaginable madness as the gang reviews the second Phase Three Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Doctor Strange! What does the gang make of Benedict Cumberbatch as the (not quite) Sorcerer Supreme? What do they make of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One? Can this film break the curse of bad Marvel love interests and lame villains? Which "Catwoman" actor makes a surprise guest appearance? To learn these burning questions, sneak into the forbidden library, open a scroll and get to downloading!

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Episode 25 - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Donovan leads this month in what might be the most gushing love fest episode to date! He, Chris and Stella return to their childhoods and review Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, recalling their history with Batman: the Animated Series and when they first watched the theatrical film. In this critically acclaimed one-off story, what are the few things that hold the film back for the hosts? Does this surpass Batman and Robin as Stella's favorite film? How did the Joker survive the ending? Which of the B:TAS creators doesn't think highly of the movie? Which of the hosts gives a surprise personally development, shocking their co-hosts? Is this the best Batman film to date? The answers to these and more quizzical queries can be found by downloading, so get down to it!

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Episode 24: Watchmen Review

Chris invites us on a journey back to both 2009 and 1985 where "Watchmen" hit both the comic reading world and the comic book movie viewing world! The third in the Zack Snyder series of reviews for the show, how does this "R" rated adaptation strike the gang? Which of the three saw the film before reading the source material? Which actors did the best job and which didn't as much? Play along and take a shot every time Donovan whines about things not being the same as they were in the comic book!

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Episode 23: Suicide Squad Review

Returning after a busy month's absence, Stella brings the show back with a bang in heading up the discussion on "Suicide Squad"! The second of the DCEU 2016 films to be received poorly by the masses, how did the Revue gang take to a film lead entirely by bad guys? Did Stella's coverage of the original comic series written by John Ostrander and Kim Yale excite her for the film going in? Did Don fully understand the plot? Who were Chris' favorite characters, and which ones failed to leave an impression? All this plus deadly Comic-Con adventures and a sneak peek into Don's upcoming new podcast! *NOTE* Apologies for the audio issues in the beginning

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Episode 22: The Mask Review

S-s-s-s-SMOKIN'! It's another blast from the past as the Revue crew return to the 90s and talk about the 1994 Jim Carrey hit based on the Dark Horse Comic series. Which of the panel still likes the film and which one don't? The answer won't surprise, but what might are the list of random actors seen in other things, which Doctor Who most resembles Jim Carrey in features and performance, and the darker, more gruesome nature of the original comic! Toss your cheesy pajamas in the closet, pop on your bright yellow fedora, and get to downloading!

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Episode #21: Captain America: Civil War Review

CHOOSE A SIDE! The gang joins in talking about the hottest comic book movie of the month based on the Marvel Comics miniseries of which they all have good/bad memories! Civil War sees the introduction of the Black Panther, the introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU, the return of the Winter Soldier plot from the previous Cap film, all while juggling the discussion of super hero accountability in a rift between Avengers Captain America and Iron Man! Which sides do the CBFR gang fall on? How does this compare to the source material? What did die-hard Spidey fans think of Tom Holland? Does this contrast with Dawn of Justice, or should it? All this plus Marvel Comics history via audio files from yesteryear!

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Episode 20 - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

The World's Finest grudge match has hit theaters and the Comic Book Film Revue has more than a few things to say about this much talked about movie! Don's not happy in the least, but what does Stella think? Chris doesn't think much of superhero films catering to kid audiences, but Josh has a different opinion due to his day job. Is the gang united with the rest of the 70% of film goers in saying this movie is a mess, or will Josh's analysis bring them to differing conclusions? And what of Ian Wilson, the Comic Reel-lief host who offers up specific talking points that ponder over the wider nature of comic book movies in general? Will his audio feedback (the show's first!) position the film in a more understandable light? Feel free to send the show any feedback via the new email address at, and check out Don's initial thoughts when first seeing the film with friends at Michael Bailey's Views From the Longbox Podcast episode 228!

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Episode 19: Ghost World Review

Ghost World, the 2001 film adaptation of the 1990s comic series by writer/artist Daniel Clowes, gives the CBFR gang their biggest challenge yet in that it's unlike anything they've come up against before! The four dive into a world of existential crisis, 50s diners, art classes and Adult shops and come out with varying opinions of the movie centering around two highly cynical teenagers. Which of the hosts are positive and which are negative? Which do they prefer, the comic or the film? How do they take to the first comic book movie in the podcast's history that stars Steve Buscemi? The only possible way to find out is to download!

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Episode 18: Deadpool Review

The Merc with the Mouth gets his due in this month's episode headed up by Stella! She leads the gang in a discussion of expectations for the film during it's lead-up, background familiarity with the source material, thoughts on the film's love story and villains, and hopes for the hopeful sequel! Was everyone amused by Deadpool charms, or did some appreciate the movie more than others? Which actor keeps finding themselves in comic book genre media? How does the movie work as an X-Men film? These and more scintillating questions are answered, or questioned! So suit up, wolf down a chimichanga and get to downloading! (NOTE: Plz excuse some of the audio inconsistencies)

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Episode 17: Iron Man 3 Review

The CBFR gang is back, and for the first review of 2016 Chris leads the team in discussing the debatable 2013 Marvel Phase Two opener Iron Man 3! Lots of meaty talk is had going from topics including Stark's characterization throughout the film, characters new and old, the film's tone and most expectantly the Mandarin! Does this movie finish off Tony Stark's character arc successfully? Is the mental challenge a suitable enough demon for RDJ to contend against? Can the gang manage a complete discussion on the film without having read the source material? Suit up and get to downloading!

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Episode 16: The Peanuts Movie Review

Throwing a curve-ball at the Revue panelists for the Winter of 2015, Josh leads up talk on the latest entry in a long running and classic franchise: The Peanuts Movie! How will the gang tackle a film that doesn't involve gaudy costumes, violence or general inhumanity? What's the background in getting this film made and was it against the late Charles Shultz's wishes? Does the tone jive with the memories of the cartoons from yesteryear? All this plus mile-a-minute edutainment from the worlds of copyright law, etymology, modern children sensibilities and more!

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X-Men Review

In a world of prejudice and uncertainty, you have to be careful who to trust the Comic Book Film Revue! Join Don as he leads the trio of himself, Chris and Stella on a journey back in time to the year 2000 where superhero films were on the verge of a renaissance and the X-Men franchise was only just beginning! Reviewing the first of a long-running series, how does the original hold up today? Who was the actor originally cast to play Wolverine? Do dated effects make or break a viewing experience? Which character is best cast and worst cast? Is Don the only man on the planet who actually likes Cyclops? All this plus recollections of the various X-Men video games and comic book storylines in what may prove to be the geekiest episode of CBFR to date! Hop into the X-Jet and get to downloading!

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Episode 14: 300


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Fantastic Four (2015) Review

After a critical mauling and utter failure to perform at the Box Office, Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has one more gauntlet to endure before it is quietly lost in the annals of history...being discussed on the Comic Book Film Revue! The Fantabulous Foursome of Josh, Stella, Chris and Donovan have much to say to both the film and the online community who was so eager to condemn the movie before its release. But as for the movie itself, is it worthy of the hate it's gotten? Was the cast good or bad? Why can't any of the film adaptations get Dr. Doom right?  All this plus more comic book history and theater experiences! Light the "4" Signal and get to downloading!

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Episode 12: Ant-Man Review

The second of three Marvel Comis based films in the summer of 2015, Ant-Man marks the culmination of a long process that involved the coming and going of one Edgar Wright as well as additions in the names of Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd. How does the finished product come together for the Comic Book Film Revue? The gang has a number of things they both liked and disliked throughout, from superfluous Avengers cameos to dodgey stereotypes, and every film trope and cliche Josh can name under the sun! With a wacky history from the comics, did Marvel translate their tiny hero to new heights? Download to find out!

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Episode 11: Batman Returns

Flashing back nearly 25 years ago, Batman Returns remains to be a hot plate of contention amongst Batman fans. How can Josh and Don reconcile their differences of opinions on the movie and still remain friends? Along for the ride are Chris and Stella, who help mediate between the two and come to a final conclusion for the end of the Tim Burton Batman duology. Is the tone of the movie too strong or does it work perfectly? Does the classic romance between Batman and Catwoman work in this film? Is Batman's rampant killing really that big of an issue? Is Christopher Walken, to one reviewer's mind, the best aspect of the whole film? One way to find out, so get to downloading!

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Tenth Episode! Avengers: Age of Ultron Review!

The summer movie (and review) season is in full swing with the coming of Avengers: Age of Ultron! Stella leads the charge as she and the guys talk crowded casts, surprising plot twists, favorite moments, comparisons to the comics, and hopes for the future! Bringing you the best in comic book movie analysis, this is one you cannot miss!

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Episode 9: Daredevil Revue

Fresh off the release of the Netflix Marvel series, The gang tackle the much maligned 2003 Daredevil film starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. A favorite character amongst some of the panel, how does this initial shot succeed or fail in bringing the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to life? Was the casting the downfall of the film? Does the Director's Cut salvage the movie, and if so how? Which black actor is the best Kingpin? Can the gang keep from making constant comparisons to the Netflix show? And how much does the ever-present soundtrack help or hinder the film? All this and more await you, so leap off of a church rooftop and dive in!

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Episode 8: Kingsman-The Secret Service

Join the gang this month for an undercover mission reviewing a film from the mind of Mark Millar! Kingsman: The Secret Service is another in the Millar/Matthew Vaughn canon, so how does it compare with what the gang of Chris, Stella, Josh and Don are familiar with? Is the film a fun romp or a ridiculous cartoon? Do scenes of violent murders in a church and heads of government officials popping off justify themselves with genuine thrills? Which of the panelists failed to recognize one of his own childhood icons? All this and more will be answered by undertaking the mission of downloading, should you choose to accept it!

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Episode 7: Dick Tracy Review

The panel has their most combative discussion yet as line are drawn and sides are taken for and against the 1990 Warren Beatty labor of love Dick Tracy! Is this a charming movie or a piece of utter filth? Does the acting make up for the characters, or does everyone involved embarass themselves severely? How faithful is the movie to the source material? Is the source material even worth adapting? Can the hosts survive without killing each other? The only way to find out is to download, so get to it!

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Episode 6: Catwoman Review

Crazy Chris leads the charge for a group drubbing of 2004's "Catwoman" starring Halle Berry. The gang can nary say a positive thing about this particular film, but they're not frothing at the mouth with rage as one might expect! Listen to more tales from the past as one panelist describes bringing a date to the film, another sees how many cat-puns he can fit in a sentence, and another stops the show dead to count how many times Benjamin Bratt has played a cop! Will this be the most vilified film the Revue gang has encountered yet? Download to find out!

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Episode 5: The Punisher (2004) Review

THIS EPISODE HAS IT ALL! Reviewing "The Punisher" starring Thomas Jane, the gang of Stella, Chris, Josh and Don run the gamut of things to bring up, debate, discuss, agree and disagree on, all while going back ten years to talk about this seemingly forgotten Marvel movie! Topics range from the differences between the Punisher comics and the film, the origins of black t-shirts, namechecking X-Men actors, who took which family memeber to see the film in theaters and more! Stay tuned at the end to hear what'll be covered next time, and enjoy the Punisher Revue!

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The 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review

BOACIOUS! BOSSANOVA! GNARLY! Travel back 24 years to when the panel was young, and so was the Ninja Turtles popularity! This month sees the hosts struggle to put aside their childhood nostalgia and determine if the original TMNT movie holds up after all this time. Which of the gang sees the film in a positive light and which sees it in a negative light? Does the plot make any sense? Should it matter? Is the 2014 movie better, or is there no school like the old school? Catch a half-shell (whatever that means) and get to downloading!

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Send in your feedback!

We've yet to set up an e-mail line or Facebook page, but if you like (or dislike) the show, feel free to comment on the episodes on the libsyn page, or e-mail in at Don's other podcast e-mail line is open for comments for Comic Book Film Revue, so keep posted for more and stay tuned this month for the next episode!

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Episode 3 Part 2-Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Part 2 has the panel discuss Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. How does it differ from the original...if at all? Which film is better? What are the best stories? The four hosts both agree and disagree, and next month's film is chosen for October. Load up your gun and get revenge!!!, er--I mean, get to downloading!

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Episode 3: Sin City

It's September, and we all know what that means...Sin City month! In the first of a two part review, the gang discuss what some might say is Frank Miller's most indulgent piece, covering the 2005 film "Sin City" directed by Robert Rodriguez. How does this compare to other Miller works that the panel has read? Which stories were the best and which were the worst? Which actor sounded like they were falling asleep? Are these stories belligerently sexist? Does that even matter? Join the panel in this first of a two-part Sin City bonanza!

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Episode 2: Guardians of the Galaxy


The Comic Book Film Revue is back! This month the gang reviews the new Marvel Studios space romp Guardians of the Galaxy! With half of the panel split in terms of familiarity with the source material, topics include which character differs from the comic and which don't, who's run on the book influence the film more, Abnett and Lanning's or Bendis', which character was their favorite and which could have been done better. In the most musical episode so far, the gang are in high spirits and give the film so much praise that someone calls it their favorite Marvel film yet! Is he/she on the money or out of their mind? Only one way to find out, so get to downloading!

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The Comic Book Film Revue Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the Comic Book Film Revue! A podcast dedicated to covering various comic book inspired movies of all kinds! In this inaugural episode, the panel of Kevin, Josh, Ashley, Chris and Donovan discuss the 2014 film X-Men: Days of Future Past! Topics hit up include their varying opinions on the X-Franchise as a whole, comparisons to the original two-parter from the comics, which actors they enjoyed the most and least, and more! Stay tuned near the end to learn what film gets covered for the next month's episode! Download and enjoy!

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